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19th April 2019 

Does anyone know what Extinction Rebellion really want and why London? Berlin would be a better target; see Diesel Scandal - EU Meddling on this website (under Articles)

If they are really serious about the warnings from David Attenborough; then we should immediately: shut down all industries around the world or at least drastically reduce output and only work during daylight hours. 

Immediately stop all, but necessary air, sea and land traffic; stop intense farming  methods, stop using pesticides and grow our own food supplies.

But the only solutions on offer are more taxes; which do not have any effect on the climate or pollution.

The real problem though is overpopulation, which drives all the other factors; no-one will address that because it won't get many votes.

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The website was established to attempt to clarify a number of areas of confusion related to the European Union (EU) and its relationship with the UK, this is of particular interest, at this time, as we are trying to break free from the restraints of the EU. 

The contents of this website are relevant to anyone interested in how the UK became entangled within the EU; the events leading up the invocation of Article 50 (TEU), and the government's faux attempts to extract the UK from rule by the European Courts of Justice (ECJ)

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Recent events have exposed the EU and, in particular, the UK establishment to be self-serving and anti-democratic - this website will comment on matters related to the relationship between the UK and the EU following the death of UK Democracy on the 29th March 2019 

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Houses of EU Quislings

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What is wrong with May's new Treaty

15th April 2019

The likelihood is that Theresa May actually colluded with Angela Merkel, to put together a new Treaty (of which, Chequers was the core) - which would ensure that the UK would chained to the EU; under the following terms and conditions: 

  • forfeit, at least, £39 billion for no guarantees of any acceptable trade deal

  • unable to compete against the EU on the international stage
  • unable to form any independent free-trade deals with the Commonwealth (2.4 billion citizens) or any other country
  • that the UK would continue to fund, not only the profligacy of the EU; but all the dependents of its Member States in perpetuity
  • allows foreign citizens living in the UK to have more rights than UK citizens in the UK
  • forces the UK to pay for the EU pensions of those politicians, MP's and Peers, who had worked for the EU against the interests of the UK
  • gives the EU a “green-light” to accelerate “ever closer union” (political, and fiscal integration); devise new laws and regulations and increase contributions, charges and fees - designed for the detriment of the UK - without its participation or objections being considered
  • creates a system of “Taxation without Representation”
  • gives the individual Member States the opportunity to asset strip the UK of all of its resources - oil, fishing grounds, Gibraltar etc.

These are just part of the 585-page Treaty which if ratified would be legal in International Law and practically impossible to get out of without permission of all 27 EU Member States. 

EU Member States are reliant upon funding by UK taxpayer's, which includes;

  • Fees, VAT, Tariffs, non-Tariff Barriers (Regulations); loan guarantees, "Eurozone bailouts", we also have a massive balance of payments deficit with the EU (Germany); and a UK Welfare State system opened up to the entire EU

The new Treaty - “Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration’ is literally a “Capitulation and Punishment” Treaty - of the same type as that given to Germany at Versailles - at the end of WWI. 

Bullying Parliament

Theresa May simply ran down the clock on the Article 50 negotiation period - in collusion with Merkel and the EU - almost certainly; spending most of the period in discussions on how to overturn the result of the 23rd June 2016 EU Referendum - and get away with it.

The Treaty was presented close to the end (exit date) of the Article 50 "negotiation" period, using the tactic of the “ticking clock” - ringing louder as the “exit date” approached.

This is a technique used by high-pressure salespeople to close a deal; she had succeeded in forcing the “Chequers Agreement” through her locked-in Cabinet in July 2018 - using more aggressive tactics given to her by Merkel.

In the event, Parliament would not acquiesce to the EU’s (Merkel’s) demands - because it wanted even worse conditions imposed upon the UK! - she was, therefore, forced to seek extensions to Article 50 and keep trying - but there were multiple other tactics at play.

In Parliament, the Labour party and the rest of the political left had two main interests - removing TM and installing Corbyn in No 10 - and keeping the UK in the EU Customs Union and Single Market; i.e. trying to stop Brexit in its tracks. 

While other groups, who had also colluded with the EU - were working on bringing about a 2nd Referendum - the EU’s preference. 

Shared Deception

Despite both main political parties pledging, in their 2017 General Election Manifestos, to honour - not just pay lip service to - the result of the 23rd June 2016 EU Referendum; they each spectacularly reneged.

The rest of the UK political parties, in majority, simply sided with the EU against UK interests. 

Conservatives and Labour MP's joined forces, to even modify May's treacherous new Treaty: to specifically include; those parts of the relationship between the EU and UK, which the majority of the British people had voted against.

We have, thereby discovered, that: our Democracy is a sham - our Parliament is an EU "Puppet" - and the majority of our MP's have entered into Faustian pacts with the corrupt EU.

The majority of our MP's, Peers and Civil Service are: without honour; devoid of respect for the people of the UK, and do not deserve to be engaged in any position of trust.

Ratifying the Merkel May-Treaty would be a disaster for the UK; and in order to prevent it, the majority of our political class need to be removed urgently; beginning with the deselection of May, Corbyn, Grieve, Letwin and Cooper - they must not be allowed to destroy the UK.