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Thursday 28th May 2020

Where was the ranting Media when Corbyn defied the lockdown and went to the Commons?

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The website was established to attempt to clarify a number of areas of confusion related to the European Union (EU) and its relationship with the UK, this is of particular interest, at this time, as we are trying to break free from the restraints of the EU. 

The contents of this website are relevant to anyone interested in how the UK became entangled within the EU; the events leading up the invocation of Article 50 (TEU), and the government's faux attempts to extract the UK from rule by the European Courts of Justice (ECJ)

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Recent events have exposed the EU and, in particular, the UK establishment to be self-serving and anti-democratic - this website will comment on matters related to the relationship between the UK and the EU following the death of UK Democracy on the 29th March 2019 

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Houses of EU Quislings 

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Is this the real reason why Theresa May would not resign?

Is the real reason because she is working with the EU to ensure that Britain is made into a "Vassal State", so that it can no longer slow down the progress of EU integration and, in particular, to get rid of the trouble-making backbench Tory "Brexiteers?"

This idea stems from an article - 2019 – 009 May is far, far more underhand and deceitful than we ever thought possible.  6 March, 2019 on  website.

The report focuses upon events in the Summer of 2018 leading to the "Chequers" ambush of Theresa May's Cabinet by her, and her Civil Servants - at the Prime Minster's country retreat on the Chiltern Downs.

To recap:  

"There was very important business: Theresa May, flanked by senior civil servant Olly Robbins, presented the draft agreement for Britain’s departure from the EU." 

"For the first time, ministers (including Brexit secretary David Davis and foreign secretary Boris Johnson) saw the proposed terms – and the extent to which May would abide by her pledge of ‘Brexit means Brexit’." 

"The chief whip instructed that nobody could leave without consenting to the Withdrawal Agreement, unless they resigned – and must then find their way home without ministerial transport."

David Davis and Boris Johnson resigned the following day.

Prior to the debacle at Chequers, May had visited Angela Merkel in Berlin, and indeed she stated, at Chequers; that "no changes could be made to the, so called "Chequers Agreement" since Merkel had signed it off (agreed it)"

"According to a confidential source who has seen a complete transcript of the meeting, the two leaders agreed to a plan that Mrs May allegedly told the Chancellor would “appease” Brexit voters while nonetheless enabling her to get rid of those Tories who were (in her words) “against progress and unity in the EU.” 

"According to the transcript, Mrs May is also reported to have agreed “to keep as many EU laws and institutions in effect as she could despite the current groundswell of anti-EU hysteria in Britain” 

The Chequers Agreement formed the core of the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration - which has, so far, been voted down 3 times by Parliament - but May is determined to ensure is passed before she leaves office.

It gets worse:

"The transcript also indicated that the Withdrawal Agreement was essentially a German production, with the original draft completed in May 2018 in Berlin. It was then sent to the Cabinet Office marked “Secret”. 

"After much to-ing and fro-ing in the subsequent few weeks, including several telephone calls between Mrs May and the Chancellor the final draft was completed late in June, with the Chancellor telling Mrs May that she was happy with it." 

"However, a few more small concessions by the UK would be needed later on, just to keep the EU happy."

The most telling part though, is that:

"David Davis was kept in the dark about this planning, as were other pro-Brexit ministers." 

"The EU, by contrast, was happy to circulate the transcript of the final May/Merkel meeting to key EU and German embassies." 

"What is more, Mrs May was probably unaware that the Chancellor had made a recording of this private meeting! Perhaps our Prime Minister would not have spoken so freely had she realised her words were being noted for posterity."

The article does point out that there is no proof of these allegations, but the source of the information is deemed to be accurate, from past, reliable revelations - and there is much other circumstantial evidence - as explained in the referenced article. 

This does fit though with the alleged comment by J.C. Juncker when he "blurted out" that Cameron had assured him, that "he was going to use the Referendum to permanently lock-in the UK to the EU." 

Which is no different to what Corbyn, the Labour Party (PLP) and the rest of our elected representatives are trying to do.

The only way to verify the information though, is through a copy of the transcript of the meeting between Merkel and May - anyone have one?

Where does that leave the UK?

It is clear from May's behaviour that she will not resign until the WA&PD is ratified by Parliament. So the statement to the 1922 Committee yesterday does not mean that she will be leaving anytime soon, unless, the Merkel-May Treaty is ratified. 

Otherwise, May will have to be "dragged-out kicking and screaming" or removed at a General Election in 2022 - giving the EU plenty of time to, effectively, complete integration of its Member States. (see the latest blog post "UK Parliament is not Sovereign)

May, Corbyn and the rest are just playing games.

Parliament is looking to make changes to the Political Declaration - which have no effect on the actual Treaty. It was named a "draft" Treaty, but it is not a "draft" in any sense of the word - it cannot be changed; except by the EU. 

Meanwhile, May is hoping that the fear of the "Brexit" Party success will scare MP's into ratifying the WA&PD Treaty - they should be more afraid of the EU and the British People, if they ratify the Treaty.

Once the Treaty is ratified, then the UK will be under total EU (German) control - May and those who vote to accept the new Treaty will have committed the ultimate act of High Treason - contrary to English (Common) Law. 

May, though, will be a heroine of the European Union (EUSSR)