Established in 2015. euexit.com does not accept donations, crowdfunding, nor advertising, we do not have sponsors, nor do we have any connection with any political, nor public, commercial, private organisation, charity nor any other group. 

Euexit operates by analysing published documents related to the EU (Treaties) and its connected groups, as well as from information gathered from its proponents and opponents alike - too many to mention.  

In doing so we have followed the history and development of the EU in order to establish its real motivations and its true purpose - alerted to its true ambitions by the most recent Treaties and the behaviour of "New" Labour (1997 - 2010), in particular - together with actions of the subsequent governments.  

We believe that this is a necessary undertaking, particularly in Britain, is because our population has been systematically misled about the EU, by the British establishment, for the past 46 years, and there is a danger that the real EU will only surface after it is too late for the populations of EU member states to take the necessary action to extricate themselves from the project.  

We have already shown that critical parts of the Constitution for Europe (2004) (Articles, Declarations and Protocols) - a treaty which was rejected in 2005 by the French and the Dutch - were indeed hidden within the Lisbon Treaty (2007) 

Systematic deception has been a hallmark of the development of the EU project - from its inception, through the EEC to the EC and on to the EU. Other results of our work (our analyses are ongoing) are presented on this website - with a view to encourage anyone who is perplexed by the EU Project, and even those who are besotted with the EU - to look deeper into the true nature of the EU before deciding how to vote (whenever they are able), as the project proceeds. 

The June 8th, 2017 General Election was particularly important to to the UK - as subsequent events have  shown. 

This is a new website and the material from the original will be progressively transferred over to this site.