Some of the Effects of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) include:-

  • Creation of a Military Dictatorship, based upon the Soviet Model, with Laws of a Police State.
  • Relegation of Member States to regions or provinces of a Supranational Federal State.

  • Changes the voting system in favour of larger Member States and reduces the influence of smaller ones. Increases EU powers and the personal power of the 28 national politicians who make up the EU Council of Ministers.
  • Enables EU Council of Minister to make further laws behind closed doors for 500 million Europeans, while taking power away from the citizens and national Parliaments.
  • Increases EU militarisation and commits Member States to the military defence of other EU countries.
  • Allows subgroups of Member States to embark on military missions on behalf of the EU, without a UN mandate.
  • Gives the EU the power to decide our human and civil rights and remove them if they conflict with the aims of the EU.
  •  Forces all countries to enter the single currency arrangement (EURO)​

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